See you on Sunday!

Hej mina vänner! Har lust att skriva på engelska nu, hihi ^^. Får bli ett engelskt inlägg.

I'm sitting here, all nervous, watching South Park. Can't sleep because of tomorrow. Tomorrow is the DAY, the day I'll see Christer Fuglesang. God, I just wan't to sleep, but I can't. I'm just thinking of tomorrow.
Well, my friends are online, so I'm going to talk with them now. And soon, about 7 hours, I will wake up and leave for Stockholm. So, for all you readers. Have a nice day tomorrow. You'll see me back on Sunday. Don't forget to wisit my blog then. Here you'll see many photos of my idol (I hope). Anyway, Good Night! I'm going to continue watching tv and chat with my friends. Soon I'll get sleepy.  Take care!

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